Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Unlock Characters Guide

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Unlock Characters Guide

Shovel Knight Pocket Dragon Unlock Characters Guide: There are 12 unlockable characters. We explain how to get all of them


Shovel Knight is the main character. However, there are 12 characters you can unlock. We will explain below how.


Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Unlock Characters – Full List

You can unlock 12 characters by defeating bosses or using portals

  • Shovel Knight – Available starting at the start
  • King Knight – Reward for defeating King Knight (Location = Lich Yard).
  • Plague Knight – Reward for defeating Plague King (Location = Lich Yard).
  • Specter Knight: Reward for defeating Specter Knight ( Location = Lich Yard)
  • Treasure Knight – Reward for defeating Treasure Knight (location = Chromatic Caverns).
  • Mole Knight: Reward for defeating Mole Knight ( Location = Chromatic Caverns)
  • Tinker Knight: Reward for defeating Tinker Knight ( Location = Chromatic Caverns)
  • Scrap Knight: Reward for defeating Scrap Knight ( Location = Chromatic Caverns)
  • Prism Knight – Reward for defeating Prism Knight (Location = Flying Machine).
  • Propeller Knight: Reward for defeating Propeller Knight ( Location = Flying Machine)
  • Polar Knight – Reward for defeating Polar Knight (Location = Flying Machine).
  • Shield Knight – Find him as you navigate through the portals
  • Black Knight – Find him as you navigate through the portals

About the Characters

  • Shovel Knight – The starting character. His fatal blows do extra damage to chains. He discovers more potions in a dungeon.
  • Prism Knight – Prepare to be Dazzled! A newcomer character. She can swap with nearby foes, or teleport short distances.
  • Scrap Knight – Scrounge and Scavenge – A new character. She can grab obstacles, treasure chests and items and place them where she likes.
  • Shield Knight She gains a barrier by chaining. She can survive one fatal blow per level. She also has a reduced Max HP.
  • Black Knight : Uses Gem Meter to increase his attack power. He can reduce his Max HP by drinking a potion. He has a reduced Max HP.
  • Knight Knight: Glory and Gold: Can perform an additional bash attack. He’ll take 1 damage more if he is farther away.
  • Specter knight: From The Shadows: He gains 2 HP per slain enemy. He is harmed by drinking potions.
  • Plague Knight – Time for Research: He infects his foes using attacks and bombs. He has a reduced max HP.
  • Treasure Knight : Every thing has a price. He inflicts greater damage when he strikes foes from below.
  • Mole Knight – Toil and Trouble
  • Tinker Knight – Time for Tools: He can collect metal and then build a minimech. The Mech increases Tinker Knight’s attack power and health until it explodes when all the metal is gone. Tinker Knight’s HP is reduced even though he is mech-less.
  • Propeller Knight : The Spin Controller: This increases his attack by +1 for every lone enemy he defeats. Chains reset his attack and deal him 1 more damage.
  • Polar Knight – Power Overwhelming – His fatal blows freeze chains Frozen foes are dealt 1 more damage by him
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