Skull and Bones: PC specs, features, and anti-cheat software detailed

PC gamers can customize their experience using a variety of features and settings.

Ubisoft has shared information about the specs of the PC along with anti-cheat software as well as the status of its server for its forthcoming pirate game Skull and Bones.

The game will come with 4K HDR with uncapped fps, which will aid in reducing input lag during naval battles, image scaling using ray tracing DLSS and FSR as well as advanced settings for input.

While you are able to play the game on your own but you might want to explore the seas with other players. In this regard, Ubisoft has implemented a matchmaking system that puts you on servers based upon the level of your Infamy level and your PvP preference. You are also able to make a report or block others’ disruptive behavior.

PC specifications are available below.

Physical game servers that have modular redundancy, as well as cloud servers, will be utilized together to help aid one another in times of activity that are high to reduce the length of wait. The servers will include Ubisoft dedicated servers in North as well as South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Oceania.

The anti-cheat tools, Ubisoft will use BattlEye that permanently bans players for the first time in the event that cheating is discovered and subsequently detected.

Skull and Bones release November 8 on PC through the Ubisoft and Epic Game Stores and on Amazon Luna, PS5, Stadia as well as Xbox Series X/S.


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