Skyrim Fan’s Discovery is Heavy Dose of Nostalgia

A Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim fan finds a treasure in a drawer. This discovery should bring back a lot of nostalgia.

The Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim was launched at a different time in videogame industry. Today, most video games are sold digitally. However, Skyrim was released in physical boxes that included instruction manuals and other goodies. Some Skyrim fans may still have a copy of the cloth map. Prima Games published a different map that was more useful and may still be in the possession of many Skyrim gamers back in the day.

The long-form strategy guides, which were used alongside video games, are no longer available. These strategy guides are almost obsolete now, although there have been some great ones over the years. Prima Games published a huge Skyrim strategy book that included a large, black map of the entire game world. This map was much more detailed than that included with the game and could be used together with the information in the strategy guide to assist Skyrim users on their adventures.

Prima Games’ Skyrim map shows where players can go in the game. It includes important areas such as Whiterun and the many dungeons found throughout the game. This map was discovered by a Skyrimplayer who shared it with the Reddit community.

BossDozzz posted their Skyrim map to Reddit and received over 200 upvotes as of this writing. BossDozzz apparently didn’t remember where the map came from. They were told that it was from the Skyrim strategy book by Prima Games. It serves as a nice dose of nostalgia to Skyrim players who own the strategy or can recall the map back then.

As the industry becomes increasingly digital, it is becoming harder to find physical gaming media. This kind of stuff is reserved for collector’s editions. It will be interesting for Elder Scrolls 6 to have a map that matches Skyrim‘s and whether there are any physical strategy guides.

The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim – Anniversary Edition are now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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