Skyrim mod lets you transform into a dragon

Skyrim mod Feral Dragon Avatar allows players to become a Dragon in the RPG game by using a Dragon shout to transform into one or more weredragon forms

Skyrim is all about dragons so it makes sense that you could become one. A new Skyrim mod allows players to transform into different types of weredragons in the RPG. Each dragon type has its own benefits and drawbacks. The mod also contains a perk tree that allows players to use dragon souls to increase their lizard power.

KataPUMB’s Feral Dragon Avatar Mod adds a unique shout to the Open-World game. It can be obtained through a small quest after level 10. You can transform into a scaly wedragon by shouting ‘Fel-Dov’. Previous mods had a similar effect on the game’s werewolf-like form, but KataPUMB states that it works, but not exactly how she would like. “So I made this.”


You can use any combination shouts or lesser powers once you are in dragon form. Additionally, you have the ability to steal items and objects from other people without having to transform into your humanoid body. While you’re a dragon, you can’t use spells or equip items other than shouts or voice-related powers. Most importantly, NPCs will recognize your dragon form and will address you accordingly.

There are many possible dragon forms you can choose from before you transform. KataPUMB claims that these designs were inspired by the Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying games. There are three options: a classic red dragon; a chivalrous, silver-colored dragon; a vicious black Dragon; a blue Dragon with a purpose, a righteous Bronze Dragon; an acid-hurling Green Dragon or a pink Time dragon.

Each variant has its own elemental breath weaknesses and strengths, resistances, special abilities, and unique elements. The silver dragon, for example, can absorb spells and deal extra damage to undead and daedric foes using their silver claws. The most interesting is the time

dragon. It can “tear away the fabric of time” and deal irresistible frost-damage to undead or daedric foes.

A separate perk tree, which affects your dragon form power, is also available. This currency uses dragon souls, which gives players an incentive to find as many dragons possible to increase their potency. Many perks are based on how many dragon souls you have left, which can result in some very potent rewards.

KataPUMB says that the perks can be “reduced to reasonable levels” if you have between 1 and 100 dragon souls, but that you have more than that will make you an almost invincible force of nature. The ability ‘Sillesejoor Feast,’ which allows your dragon avatars to consume entire mortal souls in order to recover their health, is at the top of the perk trees. It’s a great idea!

KataPUMB states that the mod does not alter any data from the base game. A couple of additional mods are recommended by KataPUMB, such as’more dragon aspect’ which adds large dragon wings to your model, and’fly mod beta_ so you can fly.

Another Skyrim mod recently released transforms the fantasy’s College of Winterhold to an actual school. Recently, the Skyrim multiplayer mode was released. It received a huge amount of downloads from eager players looking to share their adventures.

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