Skyrim mod turns Dragon Priest masks into cursed JJBA cosplay

Skyrim’s new mod makes it possible to remove the Dragon Priest masks from the game. This will impose a cursed JJBA cosplay upon players and lock them up in an open-world RPG.

The Stone Masks of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure inspired a new Skyrim Mod that transforms the Dragon Priest masks into cursed JJBA Cosplay. The RPG system has been updated to make the masks more than just armor pieces. They are now powerful and dangerous artifacts that bind the wearer and instill them with the spirit of the Dragon Priests.

Creator grasscid’s Curse of the Dragon Priests mod draws inspiration from the popular anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, specifically the stone masks that appear in the first two parts. These new Skyrim masks, much like JJBA’s masks, cannot be simply equipped from your inventory. The mask will instead forcibly attach itself to your face upon activation, “having Dragon Priest possess and reshape all your flesh completely for himself.”


The mask’s power increases the longer it is kept on. It can reach up to 4x its basic potency, and in some cases even gain additional effects. Volsung’s mask grants you extra carry weight, lower store prices, and underwater breathing. It also gives you the ability to walk on water starting in the third stage. The mask of Hevnoraak, which protects the wearer from all types of poison and disease, also increases your armor effectiveness.

The Dragon Priests’ influence can be dangerous. If the mask becomes too powerful, it is possible for the Priest to take control of your body and make you an unembodied soul.

You will now have to face the fully-enabled Demon Priest in order to reclaim your corporeal body. You can try to remove the mask preemptively if you find it too daunting. After all, you allowed this thing to permanently attach to your head. It is necessary to exorcise the ghostly Demon Priest from your body using an unbinding spell. This forces them to be removed, and must then be defeated (albeit at a lower level than they would otherwise be).

Once the fun is over, it’s not always easy. Even if you manage to unequip a mask (unequipping seems a bit light for what we have just described, but you get what we mean) you will be able to receive debuffs that reflect the boons the cursed artifact bestowed on you. These dangerous relics can be very harmful to your life force and power.

It’s a great system of risk vs. reward. This highlights the greedy lust for power displayed by JJBA’s Dio Bando, who uses the Stone Mask’s power during JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s tempting to get a drip feed of strength that keeps increasing in strength, but we know it can be dangerous.

One Skyrim mod allows you to transform into a Dragon if you are looking for more power. Another Skyrim mod transforms the College of Winterhold into a school. Our Skyrim console commands and cheats list will allow you to do anything you like in the open-world game. But remember that great power comes with great responsibility.

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