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Smartwatch Facebook watch has been canceled but it looks like it’s OK

First rumors were that Facebooknow META was working on an artificially viable product for wear on the wrist. The project was then cancelled. Even though the news was only a year old, it would have taken a long time to investigate.

Milan had already issued the codename for the wearable (wearable), and it was in its prototype phase. The META group recently decided to scrap the plans to produce and commercialize a new gadget that would connect us to social networks and other platforms.



Bloomberg shared the prototype image and provided information about the features and connectivity options of this watch. This was never confirmed. This was, in fact, a rival to Apple Watch. It has two cameras that can record and share content right from users’ wrists, according to Bloomberg.

According to the source of the information, it was not clear when Augmented Reality glasses would be made available by the META group. This product has also been suggested and mentioned in rumors. However, we wouldn’t be able to get any physical products from this social media giant.


Bloomberg notes that this wearable product has shifted the interests of the tech group despite this fact. These plans were abandoned, but Bloomberg suggests that the company might develop a bracelet once they become popular.



According to the META group’s initial plans, this product will become available in 2023. The recommended retail price for the product is $349. Officially, the Apple Watch would be a competitor. This product shares a common format and a few operating structures.

We can see the watch with two cameras. The first has 5MP on the front, while the second has 12MP in front. There are also three sensors on it. This watch can track wearers’ movements and physical activity.

This watch is fully compatible with GPS and WI-FI. It can take up to 18 hours in a row.

The smartwatch would be able to take and record photos even without a smartphone. The smartwatch can connect to the Wi-Fi, mobile phone, or mobile telephone.

It would take 18 hours to get it started. The bus would be taken to the top by a bus without a vehicle. It remains to be seen if the company will refocus on these products, or if they will abandon the cleverband. It is possible that consumers don’t want another product that shows our activities and movements.

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