Sonic fans have criticized the gameplay of Sonic Frontiers and asked to finish the game

SEGA and IGN began publishing videotapes about Sonic Frontiers this week. This project will bring new gameplay to the Sonic series and won’t appeal too many Sonic fans.

Two gameplay videos have been posted and players are now actively critiquing Sonic Frontiers. The game has been criticized for its fantasy-filled gameplay, poor animation and slow pace. Using social media, players actively promoting the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers, asking that SEGA postpone the release date of the project and finish the game. To help developers finish the project, the fan community has asked SEGA to release a demo.

Sonic Stadium founder Sven Jocelyn says that pushing the release date for Sonic games won’t help.

#DelaySonicFrontiers is not something I believe would work. My main concern is the way that the gameplay has been designed and directed. The problem cannot be fixed if there isn’t a quick fix for bugs or content. Sonic Frontiers wants to play a hyper-realistic, combat-oriented Sonic game, instead of physics/momentum-based game. It’s a good goal. It’s not the 2022 game I expected.

Sonic Frontiers is not yet available, but the game will be released at the end 2022.

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