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Sonic Frontiers gives hedgehogs some more attacking power

Sonic the Hedgehog fan received an autograph and IGN demonstrated the combat mode for the Sonic Frontiers. Blue Blur throws more punches and kicks when he meets new and advanced robots from Starfall.

Sonic is seen in the latest video, flinging enemies closer to his face and performing stunts from far away. Sonic dies trying to play the game with his opponents. He spits his brain to a mangled mess before trying to get back up.

Sonic creates a circle using the hazeless pink and blue trail to blast off shields and scare them. Sonic also targets small enemies and sends them flying before they are defeated. Blue diamond chips are released after enemies have been defeated to increase the cybernetic impact of Sonics.

Sonic’s new combat tactics come to an end with a leviathan robotic who attempts to regain power while avoiding being hit by every tentacle Sonic throws at him. Sonics speed increases when he is using blue pulse barricades, while red ones will defeat him.

These classic games, like spin-ditch or homing attacks, aren’t easily missed. It’s not surprising, since Sonic Teams love to try new gameplay mechanics in every Sonic game.

Next week, more Sonic Frontiersinfo information will be available at Summer Games Fest. Keep this handy for the Digital Trends Summer Games Marathon.

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