Sonic Frontiers reveals Super Sonic in new TGS trailer

September 14, 2022

Sonic Frontiers shows off even more games for the TGS trailer which includes chaos emeralds as well as Super Sonic.

Sonic Frontiers has kept on winning the hearts of fans each time they see a new trailer and the most recent Trailer for the TCG has shown some fan-favorite Super Sonic action. Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to be released on the 8th of November 2022. It will be accessible via PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.

The trailer is updated with breathtaking cinematics and brand the latest gameplay videos. The full TGS trailer is here on Sonic’s channel:

Sonic Frontierswas met with a number of apprehensions at the beginning. The fans weren’t sure about the combat systems or even the bold, open-world orientation.

Open worlds are the latest trend however, sometimes games become too dependent on exploration for free or even side quests, instead of telling an actual story. Also, Sonic requires a fast-paced game which means that it could also be affected.

There have been quite a few trailers recently for Sonic Frontiers. Following Gamescom 2022, featuring the latest demo and a lot of footage leaked online, players have appeared to get used to the sport. In fact, Big the Cat’s fish-catching game generated some excitement.

Sonic Frontiers is certainly an interesting new direction for everyone’s most beloved hedgehog. And as an avid fan since the days of battery-draining Game Gears, I’m also interested in the game’s future.

The new trailer has generated plenty of excitement regarding the role that the chaos Emeralds will play and also the reintroduction to Super Sonic. The glittering gold form vanished as time passed and was diminished to mere reminiscences instead of being a major component in the actual story.

The latest version of Super Sonic looks terrific, and the massive boss that was revealed in the TGS trailer further reinforces the feeling of the scale that fans anticipate. It gives the open world seem more like a deliberate instrument for a clear perception of magnificence.

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