Sonic Prime’s new teaser trailer confirms that, hell yeah, Big the Cat is in this

Sonic and his friends will be appearing on Netflix’s Sonic Prime. The series was announced last year. Netflix has slowly been rolling out teasers, character reveals, and character announcements for the universe-hopping animated series. On Friday, Netflix confirmed that Big the Cat, along with his friend Froggy, will be appearing in Sonic Prime.

They will be joining the Shadow the Hedgehog, which was recently confirmed in Sonic Prime.

Big the Cat is a large, anthropomorphic feline that lives to fish and wears pants (but not his belt). He was introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog’s series in 1999’s Sonic Adventure. In Netflix’s new animated series, he’ll be one of the Friends of Sonic the sassy hedgehog must protect.

Sonic Prime is a multiverse that will allow Sonic to connect many of his worlds, characters and iterations. 3D animation will be provided by WildBrain’s Vancouver studio. Sonic’s voice will be provided by Deven Mack. Ashleigh Ball, Shannon ChanKent, Brian Drummond and Vincent Tong will star in the show.

Sonic Prime will be available on Netflix later in the year.

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