Sonic Speed Simulator New Zone update log and patch notes

Sonic Speed Simulator New Zone update log and patch notes

Roblox Sonic New Zone update Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator Sonic New Zone update has been released, which includes new content, modifications as well as bugs in the games!

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator has launched The New Zone update on September 3rd, 2022! With this update, players will discover a variety of improvements and bug fixes made to the game experience. This should hopefully to resolve any issues you’ve encountered and help you discover some new things to play around with.

If you’re in search of freebies, you should visit the Sonic Speed Simulator codes page! The official patch notes are shared on our Official Discord below.


After you have proved yourself as Rouge the Bat after proving yourself to her, she’s now to Green Hill with a thrilling mission for you to participate in! Aid Rouge the Bat “liberate” precious gems from a safe facility, and she’ll accompany you in your adventure!

  • Unlock Rouge The Bat as a playable character
  • Diamond Terminal is a brand-new zone. Diamond Terminal
  • We are pleased to introduce Stealth Suit Chao and the exclusive Rouge Chao
  • New Pink Bat Trail
  • Redesigned Daily Challenge system that should solve all issues previously encountered
  • New UGC items are available now!



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