Sony is preparing three iSlice headsets to boost the performance of 360 spatial Sound

Sources close to the company say that Sony Corporation will soon unveil three headsets featuring an inzone touch. This is in line with the iodometer. The images of these models, InzoneH3, InzoneH7 and InzoneH9, are available online.

Sony 360 satial audio will work with all headphones. This system provides immersive surround sound that will enhance your gaming experience.


The Inzone H3, the second product in the new line, connects to the signal source via a wired connection. The Inzone H3 features a USB Type C port, a boom microphone that can be adjusted and a volume control wheel. Ambient sound mode is supported. This allows you to hear the sounds of your environment.


The Inzone H7 version supports Bluetooth wireless communication and is very similar to the previous one. The controls are now much more positioned than the Inzone H3 model. A button can also be accessed on the Game/Chat buttons.


The Inzone H9 headphones also feature LED lighting. You can use a USB port or wirelessly with the USB port. A clear source of sound is also indicated by the noise reduction technology.

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