Sony Leak residifies three new gaming headsets

Sony could unveil new gaming headsets with two cans. According to 91Mobiles who obtained the information from OnLeaks, this is what they have. These peripherals will not be sold on the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation 500 headset with 3D sound, but rather will form an entirely new brand called Inzone.

Three new headsets have been leaked by Leaks. They follow the white colour scheme for the Pulse, PS5 and X5 mentioned above. The wired H3 has a USB C port, volume dial and a button “NC/AMB”. This allows for noise cancellation and ambient sound modes to be applied. Two more models were leaked.


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The Inzone H7/H9 wireless models from Sony are also connected via Bluetooth and include an Internet connection. The three models all support 360-degree spatial audio, while the more expensive one, the H9 will provide noise cancellation. These new models will only be supported if there are no details. The Inzones could also be compatible with the Pulse headsets for the PS5 or PC. Official confirmation of this will need to wait.

The regular leaker Tom Henderson claims these headsets are part of an inzone gaming device. There are also Zone gaming monitors on the horizon. They are a pair with four-K resolutions, 144Hz displays, and one each of 240Hz and 1080p. Although we don’t yet have information on their screen sizes, both monitors support HDR, variable refresh rates and other features that are compatible with games.

Although the price of the monitors and headsets have not been revealed, Henderson said that Sony would likely announce these products as early as next week. We will keep you posted on any new information.

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