Sony plans on a 60% guarantee of the market for image sensor applications

In the world of smartphones, the newer players are moving towards this at the same direction, however Sony is confident that it will be in the decade’s time, it can take the market share of image sensors in 2025, as reported by the Nikkei Asia Review. In the year 2019 Sony was in the lead in the market with 58 percent however, in 2021 Sony’s share fell to 43%, which is less than the competition and one of the most formidable competitors is Samsung.

Source: Reuters.

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In the coming year Sony is expected to increase costs of its new imaging technologies by 35 percent. The Nagasaki factory was able to expand its production line in the month of September although the whole facility was only operational since the beginning of last year. Sony hopes to compete in the premium price range because of its cutting-edge technology employed to make cameras. When it comes to cameras, smartphones, isn’t yet a major feature, but and in this Sony model it will be a advantages in competition.

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