Spider-Man plays will run later this year on PC

PC owners are finally able to see the most odd thing about the system (pic: Insomniac Games).

Given the sheer number of devices that are currently broken, Insomniacs Spider-Man games will likely be the next PS-to-PC port.

The state of play released the launch of a new PC version of the PlayStation exclusive. Insomniacs Spiderman was reportedly used in lieu of Returnal according to rumours.

The remastered version being released via PlayStation 5 is the remastered version, and also comprises from an additional Miles Morales game. This means that they’ll get all the visual enhancements and the 3 DLC expansions, and further Tom Holland looking for Peter Parker.

The trailer didn’t indicate what else was to come on the 12th of August. Insomniac has since revealed that it had partnered together with Nixxes Software to bring the game to the PC.

Nixxes does not make games in the first place, and today it’s an support studio. Sony purchased it last year to take on such a project.

Insomniac will offer optional keyboard and mouse controls, adjustable rendering settings, and ray-traced reflections as well as other PC features it will share in the future.

The trailer didn’t make mention of the fact it was it was not mentioned that the Miles Morales game will also be available on an PC in the fall. The announcement was made only after the presentation on an PlayStation Blog post.

While this is great news but it might not be worth noting that existing owners aren’t able to purchase Spider-Man Remastered standalone. The remaster didn’t just have the time to purchase an additional Miles Morales game, which was confusing and problematic at the time.

It was available for a few days however, it appeared to be an error on Sonys case and was promptly rectified. It is not clear whether it’s similar to that of the initial version on the PC when the version has been removed.

In light of this news, Insomniac shared the updated numbers of sales for the Spider-Man series, showing both games sold over 33 million units simultaneously on the 15th of May 2022.

As you can imagine the possibility of a third title is in the works. Spider-Man 2 was announced last year, and it is set to be released in 2023 in the first time as a special PlayStation 5 release.


If the Xbox did not sign the Marvel exclusive rights, anyone could have had the chance to acquire Spider-Man legally.

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