Splatoon 3 collectible guide: All Multiplayer Medals and how to acquire them

September 18, 2022

Splatoon 3’s multiplayer game mode, too includes a variety of badges that players can earn after every PvP or co-op game. But, the badges can only be obtained under specific conditions. Only if players meet the required requirements can they collect the rewards within the shooter.

When a multiplayer game is over the screen after the game will display the medals players won during the match.

The guide for today will thus cover every medal currently available in Splatoon 3’s multiplayer mode, as well as the requirements that players have to fulfill in order to obtain each of them.

The multiplayer awards from Splatoon 3 and how to obtain them

Below is a listing of all multiplayer medals that are accessible for purchase in Splatoon 3 and how to get these:

Base Defender

  • Splat is the number one enemy around the area of their base

Big Bubbler User

  • Make use of the Big Bubbler unique the best in a game

Booyah Bomb User

  • Utilize this Booyah Bomb special the most in a game

Checkpoint Breaker

  • Manage the Rainmaker and get through the highest checkpoints that it contains.

Checkpoint Breaker

  • Control the tower while it passes through the many checkpoints of Tower Control

Clam Carrier

  • Find the highest number of Clams in the Clam Blitz

Clam Stopper

  • Splat enemies and cause them to drop the highest number of Clams in Clam Blitz

Crab Tank User

  • Utilize this Crab Tank special the most during a game

Damage Taker

Enemy-Base Splatter

  • Ink the largest area of the base of the enemy in the team’s color .

Enemy Splatter

  • Spalt has most of the team’s enemies

First Splat!

  • The first splat you get in the game

Ground Traveler

  • The largest area can be spanned during a match in Splatoon 3

Home-Base Inker

  • Make sure you cover the home base area most effectively with the team’s ink color

Ink Consumer

  • Get the most ink during an event

Inkjet User

  • Utilize the Inkjet particular the best during a match

Ink Storm User

  • Utilize Ink Storm to benefit from the Ink Storm special the most during a game

Ink Vac User

  • Make use of this Ink Vac special the most during a game

Killer Wail 5.1 User

  • Make use of Killer Wail 5.1 special Killer Wail 5.1 distinctively in a fight

Overall Splatter

  • You can score the most Splats in an event between two teams

Rainmaker Carrier

  • Take the Rainmaker the most often in an identical match

Rainmaker Stopper

  • Splat with the greatest number of enemies who hold the Rainmaker

Reefslider User

Score Booster

  • You can earn the most points by playing Clam Blitz, Rainmaker, and Tower Control

Splat Assister

  • Find the most assists in the game

Splat Zone Guard

  • You can get the most splats safeguarding the Splat Zone

Splat Zone Hero

  • Ink the Splat Zone with the highest ink

Splat Zone Inker

  • You can cover the largest area by ink Splat Zones

Super Jump Spot

  • Make use of Super Jump the most in an event

Tacticooler User

  • Make use of the Tacticooler specific for the most effective match

Tenta Missiles User

  • Utilize the Tenta Missiles to your advantage in a match

Tower Stopper

  • Keep the opposing team out from moving toward the tower at the speed of light Tower Control

Triple Inkstrike User

  • Utilize to use the Triple Ink Strike special the most frequently in a game

Trizooka User

  • Utilize the Trizooka special most often in the event of a match.

Turf Inker

  • Most ground can be covered in Ink during Turf War

Ultra Stamp User

  • Make use of this Ultra Stamp special the most in the event of a match

Wave Breaker User

  • Make use of the Wave Breaker to your advantage in the course of

Zipcaster User

Medals earned winning medals in Splatoon 3 do not really impact the players’ progress in the game. It’s simply a cosmetic tool that allows them to demonstrate how well they can manage team members in PvP games.


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