Star Trek The Rise of a new generation a fantasy novel from The Next Generation

The Captain’s log for June 12, 2022. This is the final day of the Play Days. Only two of the objectives of the expedition are Street Fighter 6 and Sonic Frontiers. We receive a signal right in front of us as soon as we return. Summer Game Fest is still full of activities. This source comes from Dramatic Labs, which is a colony with more than 20 developers. It was once home to Telltale civilization, which was owned and constructed by a writer and engineer. These are the same people that gave life to The Walking Dead’s videogame transposition (click Here).

We approach calmly, and the few people who are there welcome us with a warm and sincere way. They offer to help us sit down and give us a pad to hold so that we can stand the good way. Star Trek Resurgence is available to be tried. Tense trade shows and trade show chaos distract us from our focus. The demo does not even have the ability activate subtitles. We put on the headphones and tried to isolate ourselves from the noise. We will succeed. This is our assessment of the mission.


Star Trek Resurgence was our first contact. We felt at home in front of the production. It’s almost certain that their first creation, Dramatic Labs, is a modern graphic adventure, in which interactivity repeats the narrative sequence.

We believe the Unreal Engine is a good choice to support the story. Although the source of the game is clear, it does not seem like the eye has lost its focus. We are not confronted with complex animations and polygonal models, but we do see the movement and the quality of the animations. The skepticism, as well as the inexplicable facial expressions of the characters and their dubbing, make the Unreal Engine look like a remake. This second is important because it is based on so much experience and the fact that history is hard to underestimate. Although actors on screen may not receive the same attention, they are still important because we can see the actor and the character being very communicative.

This is why, even though we can’t reach the highest technical excellence in works without spending a lot of money, we are still optimistic about being able to play a game with its own character and articulation.


The test consisted of three acts and introduced us the two protagonists. We find Jimmy Diaz, the engineer, and the officer.


Jara Rydek


Carter Diaz


Jara Rydek is the Kobliad woman whose blood runs on the USS Resolute. The ship, according to the team, will allow visitors sufficient freedom. The year 2380 marks the start of the era known as “Resurgence” – Chronologically. This is the same year that the movie “Star Trek The Next Generation” was released. Carter and Jara will be joined by unknown characters and old friends to form the new generation of heroes. We met a Spock who has two years’ experience in the country. Dramatic Labs envisions that the Vulcan won’t be the only historical cast member that will peek during the adventure.

Although the tests were short, we weren’t able to demonstrate a solid understanding of the narrative. However, it was possible to speak to the protagonists and to test the rules that govern the dialogue between games. We were assigned to the role of Carter Diaz in the second act, which involved us briefly exploring sections of the USS Resolute. The second part was more complex and required us to take on the role of the war chief between two alien species, Hotari and Alydians. With them, we also had the rare minerals dilithium. We can easily make a choice because of our long-standing dialogue. This is especially true if one side wants to be preferred or influence the other. The screen showed two of the five choices. However, the consequences of these decisions were not indicated. A message was shown that indicated the reactions of other support actors to Jara’s words.


Then, we must understand the ways in which interlocutors can help us make our decisions. Director didn’t miss this chance to focus on the details and identify the nuances that were most helpful to our decisions. We were able not only to move the camera in a conversation with many characters but also to concentrate on the specific support actors and the fact that it was not chosen by them.

Jara’s segment was definitely the most exciting. The audition had an overarching script which aims to showcase the characters of the actors in just a few lines. The mission was to steer a spacecraft in the direction that tyres or meteorites were going. It would not be a space battle or heart-pounding action between the stars. Instead, it would be a simple movement maneuver to reach an objective in space with a goal. The goal was centered on a linear path that is followed by the rhythmic dialogue.

The children of Talltale’s graphic adventures are responsible for the development of the gameplay and the interactions. Dramatic Labs promises more, including stealth phases and phaser-fights, and other mini-games. In any case, we are certain that such actions will remain secondary in a playful economy. However, they will always be subject to the narrative’s needs.

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