Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II is on Nintendo Switch yet, due to the game-breaking bug, unbeatable

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords were released on the Switch in June. This gave players on the system the opportunity to access the second installment of the iconic franchise. Players reported that the game is currently unbeatable on the hybrid platform because of the game-breaking bug.

Aspyr Media yesterday confirmed that the KOTOR II program might crash following a specific story beat.

This is the only topic we know of that will be addressed in the next patch. Although we cannot give an ETA, you will be notified when the patch is live. To receive the most recent information, please click the “Follow” button at the end of this article. https://t.co/vjavvdX2 or “Speak.”

Aspyr (@AspyrMedia) June 20, 2022

The players reported that the game crashed upon starting. This was after they had landed on Onderon and gone through the Basilisk Crash cutscene. There has been no solution in Reddit or Socials for the last three weeks. However, this has not stopped KOTOR II from being unbeatable on Switch.

Aspyr made it clear that they are aware of the problem and posted a reply on the developer support website confirming that this issue has been known for more than five days. While the team was working on a solution, they also researched the issue and laid out a plan for fixing it. However, there is no time frame.

Aspyr stated that this is the question that will be answered in the next patch. Although we do not have an ETA at the moment, we will notify you once it is available.

Players are stuck for now and will not be able move beyond Onderon until developers release the next patch.

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