Starfield The main quest is going to be 30-40 hours bigger than Bethesda games previously

Following the presentation of Starfield at the Xbox Showcase 20,22, there was a lot of information about Starfield. There were also interviews with Todd Howard about Starfield, the new RPG for PC and Xbox. The main quest will take 30-40 hours, making him more expansive than any of the other Bethesda games.

Given how much he spoke on howard, it is possible for the quest to last between 30 and 40 hours, depending on how dedicated we are to the main stages and history without any lowering of cost.

Bethesda gamers will know that this information is crucial, especially for the later effective duration.

Starfield has 1000 planets to explore, so it is easy to see that Starfield will have more deviations from the main quest. This will likely lead to many hours of exploration in that universe for those who feel inclined to name them.

Knowing that the main quest was completed in a reasonable amount of time means that even those who don’t want to go back to the historical events have enough time to enjoy the game. Starfield also features first-person dialogue. The DNA study is used to create characters.

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