Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough

Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough: Follow our Step by Step guide to unlock all endings in Ines’s route


These are the options available to unlock all endings on Ines’s path


Recommended order for walkthrough: Eltcreed> Ulrik> Adage> Ines> Yune> Fin> Grand Ending

Other characters who walk through: Adage, Ulrik Ferrie and Yune Sekiei. Eltcreed Valentine, Fin Euclase and Grand Ending.

Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough- Common Route

  • Catch him
  • Are you sure?
  • Encourage your partner to go together
  • This is why I must be more powerful
  • That was all I could ask for.
  • He didn’t look that way to me
  • This is a little suspicious.
  • After all, it’s time to turn down

Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough-Prisoner Route

  • We are very grateful (+Adage).
  • It is (+ Ines Affection).
  • I would like to be low
  • I’ll do better next time (+ Ines Abfection)
  • It was the right decision (+Adage).

Steam Prison Ines Walkthrough- Ines Route

  • (+ Ines Affection)
  • It was a great time (+ Ines Affection).
  • It’s great that we met on the streets (+ Ines Affection).
  • 1 off
  • Thank you (+ Ines Affection)
  • It’s delicious after all (+ Ines affection)
  • I will do my best (+ Ines Affection).
  • He’s a fun guy (+ Ines Affection).
  • We are very grateful (+ Ines Affection).
  • It was terrible regardless (+ Ines Affection).
  • I regret nothing (+ Ines Abfection)
  • It is unforgivable (+ Thenes Affection).
  • Get 2 for the Price
  • Sir Ines, Trust
  • Get 3 for the Price
  • We should have met up before (+ Ines Affection).
  • I’ll go to bed (+ Ines Affection).
  • It’s a good idea (+ Ines Affection).
  • I can understand your feelings (+ Ines Affection).
  • Lives in a Different World (+ Ines Affection).
  • Let me have your back (+ Ines Adfection)
  • Do not lose heart (+ Ines Affection).

The Fangs of the Hound Ending

  • Load Save 2
  • Perhaps something went wrong
  • Fin is your name
  • Block it!

Cold Block Ending

  • Load Save 3
  • Your old life sounds great (- Ines Affection).
  • I can’t get to sleep (- Ines Affection).
  • I’ll show it to you (- Ines Affection).
  • You’re being weird (- Ines Affection)
  • He is not someone I know well (- Ines Affection).

Always faithful ending

  • Load Save 3
  • Your words were very helpful.
  • I’m too worried
  • I would love to go along with you
  • This is kinda cute
  • A well-meaning man is one?
  • I will make point
  • Take a look at Sir Ines

Follow me Ending Ending

  • Load 1
  • This makes me nervous (-Ines Affection).
  • It’s quite unexpected (- Ines Affection).
  • It will make me tired (- Ines Affection).
  • He’s funny to me (- Ines Affection).
  • It is, of course (- Ines Affection).
  • He’s being deceived (- Ines Affection)

Roselite Ending

This ending can be found in Adage walkthrough

Other characters who walk through: Adage, Adage and Ulrik Ferrie. Eltcreed Valentine. Fin Euclase. Grand Ending.

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