Steam survey: In the case of the cores, six is the new 4th x 4 for cores

Valve uses digital data generated by Steam players to publish monthly reports about the latest developments in PC hardware. There is a positive trend, with a gradual slanger twist. The most popular CPUs among Steam users running Windows are 6core CPUs. Only 3 percent of users have dual-core CPUs. 3 to 3 core computers are now the most popular.

This is a significant achievement considering the rise of quad-core computers in recent years. Since the ryze rise AMDs Ryzen platform five year ago, six cores and even more have become more common. Six cores were provided by the Ryzen 5 1600 chips, which had six cores in the first generation engine. The number of cores was increased to eight, twelve and sixteen by the powerful Threadripper models. Eighth-generation Coffee Lake processors, which were released in the same year as Intel’s offerings, offered six cores at the Core i5 or i7 levels. Intel was happy with dual-core for a decade before the push to competition.


AMD’s CPU sales have increased from 2,8 percent to 29,5 percent last year. Nvidia is the biggest competitor on the market, selling nearly 76 per cent of all games. AMD, however, sells only a fraction the best advantages in the world. Next year, Intel will get closer to the discrete GPU marketplace.

Although AMD was a welcome competitor, it took many years for the market’s cores to reach six or more cores. Statistics show that PC gamers are far more powerful than average laptop and desktop purchasers. However, the Steam hardware survey has shown a clear indication of where PC hardware is heading.

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