Stranger Things 4 volume 2 Trailer blies at an intense final

Today Netflix released the official trailer for Stranger Things 4 Volume 2. The trailer will be released immediately following the launch of Volume 1, which took place a month ago.

This video contains terrifying teases that hint at the fates of some fan-favorite characters. One of the characters in Stranger Things Volume 2 is certain to have died. You can listen to the trailer and see a glimpse of past seasons down below.

Anyone looking for a quick overview of Stranger Things’ events so far has Netflix provided a summary of the previous three seasons. You can find it here.

Stranger Things is the love letter from the 80s. It’s the most enduring love letter of any generation. Stranger Things is set in Indiana in 1983, where a boy disappears into thin air. They are found in an amazing mystery as friends, family, and police try to find answers. This investigation involves top-secret government experiments and terrifying supernatural forces, as well as a little girl who is quite strange.

Strange Things 2: The year 1984 is here and Hawkins residents still suffer the horrors and secrets of the Demogorgon. Will Byers was saved by the Upside Down. However, a more sinister entity threatens those who survived.

Stranger Things 3: It was 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana. Summers were just beginning. The Hawkins crew is still at the edge of adulthood. There are new schools, a mall and a new store in town. The group dynamics and romance can make it more difficult for a group to grow, making it harder to find a way to move on. The danger lies between these two sides. Elon and his friends arrive at the conclusion that evil never ceases, as they confront towns under threat from old and new adversaries. It is changing. They must fight together, and remember that friendship is always stronger than fear.

Stranger Things 4 volume 2 will be available on Netflix January 1, 2022.

Image source: Netflix

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