Stray mod lets you control the cat using your actual legs

Stray mod lets you control the cat using your actual legs

A brand new Stray mod allows you to move around as the sci-fi cat by using the power of your legs. It is also available with Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption 2 along with God of War

As if they’ve not provided enough and now by adding the multiplayer and the opportunity of playing as the cute puppy A new Stray mod makes this sci-fi game (or catformer – I’m likely to continue using it until it’s stuck) more immersive than it has ever been by having you control of the adorable, cute cat with your actual legs.

Available for free, Stepl is a phone app that connects to your PC and works as a kind of controller/pedometer, whereby every time you move your legs up and down, it corresponds with your on-screen character, which is, in the case of Stray, an adorable, ginger cat. The goal that games are more enjoyable and realistic – you can walk around at a relaxed stroll however, be prepared to run in the event that you are pursued by a turret as well as putting a gaming twist on exercising. I mean, no-one likes jogging.

I jog all day long and I dislike it. However, if I could walk through a city of sci-fi, like an animal stopping at intervals to knock down an object, ruin someone’s game of chess, or search for the secrets or those elusive wishes that might make it more enjoyable.

According to the game’s developers, Stepl already works with several other PC games such as Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War as well as Fallout 4. A trip across the nuclear Commonwealth seems like a great method to get your pulse up before you go to working. We’d prefer to stay clear of The Lands Between, however. It’s enough to be a nightmare without, you know cardiovascular.

If you’re looking to test physical running around in the form of cat, or If you’re more traditional and prefer the traditional mouse and keyboard You’ll want to maximize the performance of Stray through this Steam Deck settings guide for PCs and Steam Deck setting guide.

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