Stray will take to Playstation 4 and 5 on June 19th

The handsome PlayStation-exclusive with a cat fleece will be released on June 19. Stray is about exploring futuristic cities and solving puzzles using a friendly robot named B-12. Stray lets you control a stray cat from a single-person perspective. You will also be the city’s central point for navigation and solving puzzles that will help the cat return home.

The game will be made available on PlayStation Plus before its release date. This is in exchange for certain members who have the Extra tier or higher.

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A short film was shown at the State of Play 2022 in the year that Sony demonstrated that the Cat did not belong in the city of robotics. Also, the Cat was seen talking to NPCs. These NPCs were likely the vendor or the quest-givers.

The game showed realistic animations of the Cat’s movement as it purrs away the threat. The blog post by the PlayStation featured Swann Martin-Raget (BlueTwelve Studio’s producer), who admitted that it was difficult to put in seven years of hard work.

“We knew from the start that the animations and control of our star character were perfect. This allowed us to clearly communicate the exhilarating similarities between skill and movement. Miko, the cat animator, accepted the challenge and spent much of her time searching for videos and images. We have discovered that this is probably true. The internet was created to allow you to upload lots of videos and cute cats. Based on our references, we ended up with a lot of great material about work.

The animators did a great job. The cat leaping from one ledge onto another is a great example of cat joy.

The team looks like the 80 percent of cat owners with two cats named Oscar or Jun in the studio. This shows that the game was developed and supported by passionate people who love the project.

For cat lovers, we must see Stray’s 19th June 2022 performance.

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