Street Fighter 6 is the first game of the game for Xbox PlayStation and PC in 2023

August 19, 2022

Capcom has announced Street Fighter II will soon be available on Xbox and PlayStation in 2023, with new modes and many other features.

Secreenshot by share way games

Street Fighter VI will be released in 2023! Combat Ground is an adventure that features the classic fighting game experience in the same modes as previous games in the series.


World Tour, an immersive single-player story experience and Battle Hub will both be available. These modes will increase players’ engagement and communication.


Street Fighter 6 is all in the road culture. Street Fighter 6 is all about graffiti and music. There are new stages and a new tactical tool in the program.

Street Fighter 6 is powered by the RE engine, which has generated great social media appeal for Capcom franchises such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

Capcom will soon publish more information. We can view the trailer and first look-alike gallery until then.

Ryu and Chun Li filmed the trailer, along with new stars Street Fighter Vs Luke, and Jamie.

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