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All valid Roblox Strong Pet Simulation Codes in one updated List – Roblox Games By Impulsive Hero’s. You will need all these codes to upgrade your pets.


Strong Pet Simulator Codes- Complete List

These codes can be used to redeem coins, tokens, energy, pets, and other items. You will need them all to improve your pet’s health.


Both active and valid codes

These are the valid codes

  • 10MVISITS – Redeem Code > Boosts
  • EASTER Redeem Code > Boosts
  • 9MVISTS: Redeem Code > 30 minute Boosts
  • 7MVISITS: Redeem Code > 1 hour Ultra Energy and 1 hour Ultra Tokens
  • 5MVISITS: Redeem Code >1M Tokens, 45 Minute Ultra Energy Boost
  • 3MVISITS : Redeem Code > 500K Tokens
  • TRAININGCODE1: Redeem Code >30 Minutes Boost
  • TRIMPELIKESCODE: Redeem Code > 30 minutes of Ultra Lucky
  • ULTRALIKECODE1 : Redeem Code > 30 Minutes Ultra Energy Boost
  • 2500LIKES: Redeem Code > 1 Ultra LuckyBoost and 15K Tokens
  • 500KVISITS: Redeem Code > 20 min Ultra Energy Boost
  • 1KLIKES: Redeem Code > 10.000 Tokens
  • Release – Redeem Code > 250 Energies

We will soon add more codes and gifts to the site. Keep checking back, new codes will be added as soon as they become available

Codes that are expired

There are no expired codes currently


How to redeem Strong Pet Simulator codes

Launch to start Strong Pet Simulator.

This video demonstrates how to redeem codes (video by YouTube Gaming Dan).

How to play Strong Pet Simulator Roblox Game by Impulsive Hero

Pet Strong Simulator is open to you!

  • Get more likes for new codes
  • To gain energy, you can bring items with your pet!
  • Upgrade with tokens
  • Buy stronger pets!
  • Discover new areas!
  • You can upgrade your pet!
  • Every week, we receive updates!

From Roblox Strong Pet Simulator site


Roblox Strong Pet Simulator- About the Game

Strong Pet Simulator’s main objective is to create strong pets that can transport items around the map. By completing missions and carrying out the missions with your pets, you will get rewards. These rewards will include energy.

Strong Pet Simulator uses energy to breed more pets and increase their numbers. You can also improve your pets, and you can even discover new areas in the game. Energy is an important resource in Strong Pet Simulator.

To unlock special upgrades in the game, you must earn tokens. You can also get a special pets (a golden pet). You can be the strongest pet simulator player and reach the top of the leaderboards.

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