Summer Showcase devolver arrives July 9th. Mecha’s Suda51 comes to the rescue

Devolver Digital just announced their summer showcase event.


The “Dive Market Countdown To Marketing” will take place on June 9th and 9th at 3pm Pacific/ 6pm Eastern/ 11pm RDC. It focuses around the 30 minutes that usually occur before major competitions. It will be hosted by Suda51, the “mecha”

You’re likely to have a pretty good idea of the deal if you’ve ever seen Devolver before. Devolver also shared a teaser video:


If you weren’t expecting actual games, don’t be alarmed. Devolver already said that “at least four video games” would be offered during the event. The show showed games like Trek to Yomi, Wizard with a Gun, and more inscryption, including Death’s Door.

Devolver’s show will begin on February 13, following the festival of summer games Fest Live. Here is the complete calendar.

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