Super Girl Gamer Pro is a partnership with ResPAWN.

The gaming furniture manufacturer is now an official partner of Super Girl Gamer Pros. Super Girl Gamer Pros is a videogame series that supports women gaming. The Summer Season will be from July 24th through September 19th.

RESPAWN branding will be featured on the weekly live stream onbanners as well as in the event backdrop. The gaming furniture manufacturer will create a RESPAWN-branded award. Rick Bratman (CEO of ASA Entertainment, producer of the Super Girl Series) said that it was a blessing to have such a dedicated group of brand partners.

We can collectively change culture and remove the toxicity that keeps women from participating more fully in the community. This is why we are thrilled to be working alongside them. A new panel activation will be held at the Summer Championships in Oceanside. It will focus on women in gaming, and esports. Alex Gonzalez, Marketing Manager for RESPAWN Products said that he was excited to work with Super Girl Gamer to support their mission to inspire women to play a greater role in gaming and esports.

We look forward to the annual female leadership panel. Super Girl is collaborating with us to create an additional panel of women in gaming. ResPAWN is used by many organizations and stakeholders in the esports industry. It’s always a great addition to the industry to have inclusive campaigns, and ResPAWN’s dedication to this area is a wonderful thing.

We are also excited about the branded panel activation and award that the pair have planned for the partnership, as it shows that the firms intend to go beyond the logo on The events calendar for 2021.

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