Super People beta players could net $75k (yes, you read that right)

Super People beta testing is drawing to a close and Wonder People are offering $75k for those who overthrow the BR’s titans.

Beta tests are a great way to meet your class in Super People. But have you perfected enough of your skills to make $75k? In-game tournaments are the next beta test for Wonder People’s battle royale game. If you win, it could change your entire life.

Super People is a game similar to Respawn’s Apex Legends. It allows players to take on powerful villains and heroes in order to make their mark in history.


The game has been through numerous beta testing and is now attracting over 4 million players. This makes it a serious contender in a market dominated by Fortnite and Fortnite.

Wonder People will be hosting the Super Tournament to celebrate the Super People beta. Your team can win $75k if they beat the rest of the field. Sounds like a great Friday night. This is everything you need to know.

Information about the Super People beta tournament

The Super Tournament will take place from August 17 to 31, Any player can participate for the first three days, but after that, they must be level 7. duo will be required to participate (not that $37.5k would be a bad deal).

There are three stages: the group stage, qualifiers, and the finals. The seeding points earned by teams during matches will determine whether they reach the grand final.

Below are the regions that are eligible to compete. Yours will appear at the bottom right of your game lobby, along with the times between which the tournament is active. These are subject to change.

Asia 4AM – 7:40AM 7AM – 10:40AM 12PM – 3:40PM 1PM – 4:40PM 8PM – 11:40PM
Europe 11AM – 2:40PM 2PM – 5:40PM 7PM – 10:40PM 8PM – 11:40PM 3AM – 6:40AM
North America 5PM – 8:40PM 8PM – 11:40PM 1AM – 4:40AM 2AM – 5:40AM 9AM – 12:40PM
Latin America 4PM – 7:40PM 7PM – 10:40PM 12AM – 9:40PM 1AM – 4:40AM 8AM – 11:40PM
SEA 5AM – 8:40PM 8AM – 11:40AM 1PM – 4:40PM 2PM – 5:40PM 9PM – 12:40AM

To sharpen your skills and get the top spot (and the money) for yourself, make sure you check out our list of most popular Super People classes and abilities.

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