Surprisingly simple Pokemon Legends: Arceus tip is great for getting past aggressive Pokemon

Arceus is a quick trick to get around aggressive Pokemon in Pokemon Legends. You can get aggressive Pokemon to stop following you by engaging them in battle, and then walking away. After a few seconds they will follow you, but then the game will inform you that you have “strayed too far away from the battle”. The sequence will end and your Pokemon will be returned to their Pokeballs, and the aggressor will return to his normal, more chilled-out temperament.

JustDandyMayo’s tip was met with gratitude by one Reddit user who made it a meme (opens in new window). Pokemon Legends: Arceus is full of Pokemon, which is to be expected. However, many want you dead (not so unexpected). These monster Pokemon are everywhere in the world, making it easy to come across them on your quests. This can be quite annoying if you want to get to the next quest marker.

A word of caution: We have learned from personal experience that it is important to send your Pokemon with the highest HP and resistance to aggressive Pokemon into battle. If you don’t get the first attack rights, you may lose one of your Pokemon, especially if your other Pokemon are an Alpha. Although you can always return to camp to rest and revive your Pokemon, that would be a waste of time.

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