Survival Horror Game Dreadout 2 will Release On Consoles In a Mid July


Digerati is an independent developer who works with naive developers to create great games and experiences. Digital Happiness, a videogame developer, was founded in 2013. Dreadout 2: A gpsg video game that combines horror and survival via Steam was the decision of both companies. Both companies confirmed that Dreadout 2 would be available on the Xbox series X/S and Xbox One on June 15, and July 20, respectively, as well as the PlayStation 4/5 and 5.5. The price is $19.99


The game takes players through Indonesian legends and history. Players can also play the role of Linda Meillinda (high school student who is able to sense and see ghosts). Linda must use her abilities and her mobile phone to save her home from evil forces. The sequel also introduces improved melee combat and lots of exploration.


You can explore Linda’s home, do side quests and find out more. Players must also fight various enemy monsters such as the Kuntilanak and Gore Surgeon. Linda has the ability to use her mobile and projectiles to defeat physical ghosts and complete a Ghostpedia application. Ghostpedia offers a variety of myths and mysteries that you can discover on your journey.

The trailer gives fans a glimpse into the game’s graphics and art as well as the gameplay. The trailer shows how the game is played. Luis fights monsters and explores darkness.

What do you think about Dreadout 2? Have you played the game on Steam yet? Do you want your product to be released on the console, or are you not? Which game do you like the most? Are you a fan of horror games?


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