Taitos creative 1981 shmup Space Seeker joins the Arcade Archives


Today, we left to go to our departure for Arcade Archives release. It’s available now on PS4 as well as Nintendo Switch, Taitos are extremely early in making the genre-based game Space Seeker together.

Space Seeker opened in 1981 as an arcade. It was later rebranded as Space Seeker. after a few years the company’s iconic Space Invaders created a multi-player interactive game. Taito was able to create an entire space action epic. Space Seeker features two ways of playing: a Star Wars-inspired Rail shooting game, in which players shoot enemies through the gunner’s seat and a side-scrolling smup that features a range of scroll speeds as well as a broad palette of colors, as well as ground-based enemies.

Check out the action in the below video which is courtesy of Old Classic Gaming.

Although Space Seeker didn’t even enjoy the originality that was Taitos other arcade games It’s still an intriguing game that can be described as an attempt to test the waters. Its varied gameplay, technological achievements as well as a few small touches like the interactive map screen Space Seeker was a tinkering attempt to create unique, incorporating references to games as well as technological advances in its Space Shooter category. Nowadays, it’s definitely out of date and even a bit ugly, however, it still holds a place for being one of the genre’s most successful attempts to change the rules of play.

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