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Tales of Arise Best Mods (2022)

Stories of Arise Best Mods – SDK Costumes (Mona, Shionne, Edna …), Quality increase, Cosplay, Simply FOV Arte Canceler Heart Eyes and more


Tales of Arise Best Mods – Arise SDK Mod

Improves the resolution of cutscenes and skits, as well as refresh-rate, improves NPC and draw distance of enemies, allows the dev-console and allows modders to gain access to engine internals! Arise SDK is a tiny DLL mod that grants modders access into engine internals (thanks to UnrealFinderTool’s SDK dumper) as well as fixes some minor bugs in the game.


Download Arise SDK Mod > Here

Rinwell Traveller of Another World Mod

The Mona Megistus dress for Rinwell! It includes the following: Costume, Hat hair, eyes, and hair color. Update hair color to include Mona’s ponytail endings as seen in the screenshots

Shionne’s SW-EQ02F Basic Edit Mod

Simple alteration of Shionne’s top SW-EQ02F outfit to remove the straps from the chest, and the skirt/mantle off her back. This mod was developed by fatihG_, Telli and the community members of Tales of Arise Mods. Fantastic people with a wealth of expertise!

Download Shionne’s SW-EQ02F Basic Edit Mod > Here


Tales of Arise Best Mods – Increase Overall Quality Mod

The following is an Engine.ini configuration that improves the quality of shadows, lights, and effects of postprocessing, blocks Chromatic Aberration and improves Ambient Oclussion, and improves the quality of LOD in addition to many other components.

Download Increase Overall Quality Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Tweaks of Arise Mod

Making the Tales adventure more enjoyable with adjustments to make the camera less claustrophobic as well as a reworked difficulty system and quicker moving speeds!

  • Improved Camera and Movement The FOV is increased , and camera distance is reduced. Additionally, the player is able to move quicker when exploring.
  • enhanced difficulty –Simply put. Enemies stronger, cast faster, (experimental) aggressive. Lower damage sponging and less difficult to interrupt.

Download Tweaks of Arise Mod > Here

Edna from the Tales of Zestiria costume for Rinwell Mod

This mod lets Rinwell the ability to dress as Edna who is from the Tales of Zesteria’s famous yellow and white dress! A hair clip that is green can also be purchased, along with the alternate colours from the first game. There’s no parasol in the game So be careful not to burn yourself!


Get it now! Edna in Tales of Zestiria Costumes to Rinwell Mod Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Simply FOV Options Mod

Like the name suggests, it will only alter only the focal length. There are no other adjustments done, not even camera’s position (except to change”personal preset”) “personal preset”).

It also preserves the initial FOV variations that were included within the game. They are activated when playing specific story sections and when you encounter enemies in the wild or when you are in the wild… Thus, if in the vanilla game , the FOV was changed by 70 degrees to 85 degrees, this happens now , but in a proportional way depending on the choice you make. I prefer 85, to make sure that no one is interested.

Download Simply FOV Options Mod > Here


Tales of Arise Best Mods – Megumin Cosplay for Rinwell Mod

This is an Megumin costume mod I had to commission, the costume hair, hat, and costume are Renpyon’s creations. The costume is a replacement for Rinwell blue coat from the inherited coat you’ll need to gather Owls in order to make this outfit! Hair replaces blue hairpin. The cap replaces the Shionne doll that requires DLC. The hat comes with two replacement eyes models that have twinkles, and the other without.

Download Megumin Cosplay for Rinwell Mod > Here

Standalone Eyes and hair color Mod

This is a stand-alone set of hair color modification and eye mods I’ve designed. I’ve created multiple variations of eyes and hair styles for each character! Hair color packs replaces the color of any hairstyles of a character. I will take your requests for new colors into consideration and include them when I have the time! I am able to do hair in two tones or any combination upon an inquiry. Please note that some colors aren’t shown in the photos, but all are listed in the description of the file!

Download the hair color in Standalone Eye pack mod Here


Tales of Arise Best Mods – Subtle Makeup Mod

An elegant makeup look that suits every girl who has a slight blush and soft lipstick

Download Subtle Makeup Mod > Here

Tales of Arise Best Mods – Arte Canceler Mod

This mod lets you convert any arte to another arte to dodge or jump without waiting until the animation is complete. The game comes with a nagging system that requires players to wait for every arte’s animation. at times, it can be a pain when you have to escape an attack. This is why I altered it to ensure that most artes are able to be canceled.

Download Arte Canceler Mod > Here


Tales of Arise Best Mods – Heart Eyes Mod

This is a stand-alone mod that replaces the eyes of character with hearts eyes. You can apply them separately depending on the character you want to use. Waifu and Husbando! I also have various eye color versions should there be an desire. Please let me know If you’re having issues because this mod already exists an pak file, simply put the mod inside your mods folder and it will be working!

Download Heart Eyes Mod > Here

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