Tales of the Jedi New Star Wars Animated Series Announced

Lucasfilm is developing an exciting fresh Star Wars animated series. The project was announced at the time that the panels for Star Wars Celebration were announced towards the end of May.

The series will be titled Tales of the Jedi . It’s an anthology collection made up of several short films. The specifics of the content aren’t established, but from the title, it’s to be expected that various stories of Jedi and the Jedi are going to be shared.

Tales of the Jedi New Star Wars Animated Series Announced

There’s also not much details about the actors working behind the scene. According to an announcement made, Dave Filoni will be involved on the panel related to the series. Filoni has been recently involved in virtually every significant Star Wars animation project, along with writing, producing and the direction of The Mandalorian .

It is expected that the Stars Wars Celebration will take place in Annaheim between May 26th and 29th, and is expected to provide plenty of information related to the galaxy of Star Wars.

The same time the next live-action show will debut on Disney+ with Obi-Wan Kenobi . First two episodes are scheduled to be released on the 27th of May.

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