Team Liquid has a store.

Team Liquid now has an European store. The online store will carry most of the Team Liquids catalog items. Liquid Apparel, and collaboration collections are also included.

Team Liquid will release its clothing collection for EU residents to celebrate the opening. Team Liquid has revealed an exclusive collection for the United States for the first time in February. The release states that the European store will offer home fans an option to support their team in a local location.

European Team Liquids fans will receive lower prices and faster shipping because the fulfilment process takes place in the region. The organisation plans to launch multiple launches in different regions throughout the year, so all regional stores will be able to launch products at the same time. This is fantastic news for European Team Liquid lovers.

The ability to order from an EU-located store without additional shipping or import fees is a positive step that can help increase revenues. Liquids lovers will be pleased to know that the exclusive Naruto Shippuden line, which is available only in the USA, will also be available for purchase in the EU. The 2021 events calendar.

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