Team Liquid parts ways with Sliggy, adds new coach eMIL

Team Liquid has a brand new roster. According to a tweet and YouTube update, Team Liquid is moving forward.


Team Liquid is one of the most popular eSports teams in the industry. Today, they said goodbye to Connor Blomfield and welcomed Emil’s “email” Sandgren as their new coach.

Siggy decided to leave the team in May 2022 because of a “difference” in the vision for Team Liquid. However, he was still a part of the organization as you can see in this thread.

Team Liquid said goodbye to Siggy today. It seems that the transition was made on good terms. Siggy quickly thanked Team Liquid for noting Sliggy’s significant role in history and including familiar photos from the most memorable moments.

Fans of Team Liquid received a quick update about the new coach. On Twitter, TL welcomed “Emil”, a Malmo-based coach.

Emil is most well-known for his Overwatchcareer and coaching the British org Guild X. email announced his departure last week. Erik “d00mbr0s”, a coach with whom he is actually twins, has been praised for his skills in various titles.

Team Liquid’s Valorantteam’s future looks bright. The team update was described in a YouTube video. The full video contains email as well as the entire team.

Team Liquid had been working with email since last month. The current roster praised email for their efforts, even if they were not directly related to the game. This will help improve their gameplay.

Emil joked that he was a “short king” compared with the tall players on his team. This explains the tweet. It’s clear that email has a solid plan. We’ll be watching how that plays out.

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