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Tears of the Kingdom Could Explain BOTW’s Zonai

Tears of the Kingdom Could Explain BOTW’s Zonai

If anything, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers an array of mysteries. A lot of aspects of the game are a testament to the creativity, like where the leviathan bone came from or the reason the mysterious Typhlo Ruins remain hidden in shadows. One incredibly massive story, that of the Zone can be expanded on quite rapidly.


The following Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom, was launched relatively recently. There were a variety of instances within the latest trailer of the game, which showed allusions to the Zone. This suggests that the mystery of Zonai might be one Nintendo plans to solve for its avid gamers in the near future.



Who Are The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Zonai?

Link at the entrance to the Zonai Ruins in Barbarian Armor in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Zonai are not found on screen in Breath of the Wild. The only proof of their existence that gamers observe is the stone sculptures that they have left. All over the world Hyrule Stone statues that resemble boars, owls and dragons can be found. All of these are the result of the Zonai design.

The animals that they depict appear to be discussed with the three shrines of Hyrule. Each shrine is dedicated to one aspect of the Triforce which is Courage power, Wisdom, and Courage. The similarity could be discussed with regard to the Zonai statues as dragons are frightening creatures that require plenty of courage to confront, while Owls have been linked to the human race throughout history. past and the boar is linked to Ganon who is a lover of the power.

Whatever the Zonai were they are believed to have come from the Faron region. The majority of their structures could be located in the Zonai Ruins, which mark the start of the road towards the Spring of Courage. The Zonai also appear to be responsible for the construction of the labyrinths around Hyrule and, as a result of this, they also have the Barbarian armor collection.


Will the Zonai Appear in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Link unlocking doors with Zonai dragons on it in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There are several frames from different trailers, which suggest Zone may be a part of the forthcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild. In the first trailer that was shown during E3 2019. Zonai designs could also be located in the background, behind Link Zelda and Link. Zelda.

The most recent trailer to Tears of the Kingdom contains more references to the Zonai. The beginning of the trailer appears to show off some carvings created by Zonai. In the future, Link might be seen entering a pair of large doors that have Zonai dragons cut into the walls. The emblem of the sport is two Zonai dragons that form circles, similar to an ouroboros. These references are believed to draw to the Zonai being a key element in the myth of Tears of the Kingdom in a loop.


How Will the Zonai Figure Into Tears of the Kingdom?

A sketch of a mysterious determination taken from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Despite the many references in the trailer, it’s still unclear what the Zonai’s role will be in the events in Tears of the Kingdom and how it will be able to do so if there is any connection. One possibility is that the unnamed figure in the trailer could be an official member, or even a leader, of the Zonai.

The creature is first seen on the stone carvings at the start of the screen. While it’s not seen for more than an instant but shrewd viewers could identify a variety of things regarding the creature. It’s more than a humanoid as arms could be identified. It also appears to be connected to the sky as it’s floating suspended in the air.

The figure is seen again at the end of the movie. When Link is floating on the stone chook his preferred spot for vacation is observed: a rock with the image of the character in question. It is unclear if that’s a character or simply a god the idea is to play a significant part within Tears of the Kingdom.


So, what evidence doTears of the Kingdom Could Explain BOTW’s Zonaies it provide that this character is attributed to the Zonai? Not only do the Zonai carvings depicting the figure appear as Zonai carvings but they are directed that whatever this character originates from the earliest times of Hyrule. The ouroboros-like symbol and Zonai dragons is certainly symbolizing that cycle: death and death and rebirth. It is, therefore, possible that this unidentified figure existed during Zonai’s time and may be revived for the next time.

If the Zonai legend could be extended within Breath of the Wild’s sequel, it’s likely to be viewed as a victory by the majority of the community. The Zonai have been an activity for a large portion of the community to study, as numerous videos and articles have been written about the subject. With plenty of clues that are dropped in the trailer about the Zonairace, it’s likely to be a good sign for those who want to learn more about this race that is a mystery.