Tekken: Bloodline Release Date Revealed

Tekken fans will be happy to learn that “Tekken: Bloodline”, the upcoming anime series, has been released. A full trailer was also released.

Below is the new trailer. It contains more information than the original teaser trailer. The trailer also gives us a glimpse at some of the characters that will be part of the series cast. The official release date of Tekken: Bloodline has been set for August 18, 2022.

The trailer features Jin Kazama as the main character. He is on a quest to find his grandfather Heihachi Mishima and take his tutelage. The trailers have shown that Tekken: Bloodline is a loose adaptation of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. This places the series’ chronology at the beginning of Tekken 3.

The trailer featured several characters, including Tekkenveterans and King, Nina Williams, and Paul Phoenix. Jin’s mother Jun Kazama, Hwoarang, Paul Phoenix, Jin, and a glimpse at Ancient Ogre, the secondary antagonist.

Hardcore Tekkenfans may be puzzled by the alternative direction for this section of the Tekkenstory. This trailer makes clear some of the in-universe anachronisms and changes, such as the appearances of Leroy Smith, Tekken 7, and Feng Wei, Tekken 5 at this point in time; and the apparent collaboration between Nina, Paul, or Julia Chang. The trailer also shows the solidification and consolidation of important aspects of Tekkenlore. This includes the death of Jun Kazama at hands of Ancient Ogre. However, this is not confirmed or denied in the original story. A stunning absence of the brand that Jun was left with by the Devil following Jun’s defeat is another aspect of Jin’s story.

However, fans will be intrigued by the series’ appearance. This is a combination of CGI and effects that go back to its video games origins. The familiar “Tekkenisms”, such as the game’s impact physics and visual effects as well as the manifestations of each character’s chi upon connection of critical hits will make for a fascinating viewing experience. They are a significant step away from other animated adaptations of Tekkenmedia.

There will be other interesting departures from traditional Tekkenlore, including the interactions and relationships among characters. This includes the calm, even wise, demeanor, of Paul, the normally-abrasive, macho character; and the opaque alignment of Nina with the forces for good, rather that her in-videogame amorphous moral sensibilities. The King of Iron Fist Tournament is just around the corner.

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