Terreria and Core Keeper crossover to be released in September

September 22, 2022

A crossover feature that combines Core Keeper and Terraria is set to be released on the 26th of September!

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Core Keeping is working with Terraria to bring you an exciting crossover scheduled for the 26th of September!

Core Keeper will be collaborating with Re-Logic’s Terraria to host an exciting crossover event. The two games Core Keeper and Terraria are open-world sandboxes with a focus on exploration and learning new things. Core Keeper and Re-Logic have been discussing the possibility for their respective games to cooperate in some way to celebrate each game with their respective communities.]

Beginning on the 26th of September, players can summon a creature named King Slime which is acknowledged as one of Terraria’s (pre-hard version) damage dealers. The enormous royal blob will not appear in the air like a blip similar to Omoroth players must create him before engaging in battle. The battle against King Slime can be a challenge but it’s worth the effort since it has been reported that beating King Slime can net players quite impressive loot.

Terreria and Core Keeper crossover to be released in September

Additionally, Terraria will be introducing the Caveling Pet, the friendly Caveling Farmer which will be accompanied by the player’s character being adorable and offering emotional support wherever they travel. Cavelings in Core Keepers is generally not friendly creatures, especially with adventurers. But there have been instances in the past where Cavelings, in a small number, have displayed the ability to interact with others (like caviling merchants). It’s plausible to think that Cavelings can be delightful companions in the proper circumstances. And it is likely that players will get the possibility of forming relationships in the future with Cavelings who live in Terraria. With the help of a unique artifact originating taken from Core Keeper players in Terraria can be able to create the unusually calm Caveling.

Core Keeper along with Terraria was also thrilled to announce to the fans of both titles that the crossover will continue to be a regular feature. So players will be given the option of either becoming friends with Cavelings Caveling or contacting King Slime whenever they wish.


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