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The 10 Most Violent Anime Characters, Ranked

The 10 Most Violent Anime Characters Ranked

Violence is a recurring theme throughout most anime, and especially shonen. In many instances, there are two characters with such divergent views of life or their goals that they cannot stay from fighting even when they aren’t. But, there is some people who enjoy fighting.


Instead of trying to resolve conflicts peacefully, they get out of their way to find conflict. The resulting chaos affects more than the intended goal. But, because they’re bloodthirsty in the first place the characters don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

In a way, Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Pride is more aggressive in comparison to Wrath himself. He is awe-inspiringly threatening people like Hawkeye and even assaults anyone for any reason at all.

Along with nearly killing Edward during the final confrontation in the last battle with Father, Pride devoured Gluttony so that he could take away his Philosopher’s Stone. The only homunculus that can kill their own kind Pride’s idea that he’s superior to the rest is the first explanation for his excessively violent behavior toward his fellow comrades.

9 Shiki Kijima Enjoys His Work Too Much (Tokyo Ghoul)

Shiki Kijima was one of the crucial morally indefensible investigators of Tokyo Ghoul. While he’s on the side of heroes the way he treats his adversaries that it is difficult to understand his character. The people who knew him regarded him to be a black sheep even when they thought he was an excellent detective.

After torturing what he believed to be one of his horrific victims, he cut them up with a chainsaw before taking pleasure in their pain. Although Shiki’s actions are comparatively “clean” as it doesn’t impact the intended targets, it’s unjustly sadistic that it’s worthy to be discussed.

8 Yujiro Used Force For Whatever He Wanted (Baki)

Baki Yujiro’s Hanma symbolizes the situation that occurs when energy should not be used to thwart accountability. As the world’s most powerful fighter, Yujiro takes nice pleasure in his passion and uses it to intimidate anyone around him.

If it’s blackmailing an American president of the United States, punching Oliva in the face on the spur of the moment, or abusing his family members The majority of his issues are triggered by violence. He’s not reckless when he begins fights because of the fact that his own way is in danger. In the end, even arm-in-arm adversaries aren’t all that much of a threat when they go over Yujiro straight.

7 Uvogin Was The Phantom Troupe’s Best Enforcer (Hunter X Hunter)

Uvogin’s ferocious energy led him to become a fearsome character with his ferocious energy Hunter X Hunter. As an ally of the Phantom Troupe Uvogin was a part of the infamous crimes worldwide. One such crime was the bloody massacre by The Kurta Clan, leaving Kurapika as the sole survivor.

In combat, Uvogin takes nice pleasure in taking his foes to pieces. He yelled at one of the members of the shadow beasts with such force that their ears exploded and one of them was killed with the fragments of their own skull. While Uvogin is a basic combatant, the final result isn’t fair.

6 Yammy Killed His Own Comrades For Fun (Bleach)

As possibly the most efficient player in Bleach’s Espada, Yammy was able of importance. With no regard, he bullied or at his own comrades, even as if there were no enemies to take on.

One of the most memorable crimes was when he slapped the medical professional who had given him a brand-new arm to make sure it was working. Yammy also killed two of his colleagues during the shinigami assault from Hueco Mundo. Orihime miraculously restored them before the wounds began to become fatal.

5 The Major Nearly Destroyed London (Hellsing)

The Major was head for The Major was the head of Millennium Organization in Hellsing. A longtime participant of the Nazi event, his sole goal was to cause as much chaos throughout Europe as was possible to get revenge for the damage they’d done to Germany.

When it came to building his armies the Major did not spare any expense. He constructed the vampire army and genetically altered minions and even established a robot physique to create a body that would be a part of his life after the loss of life. Although the Major may not have killed London’s people in a straight line, he was responsible for some of the collection’s most gruesome chapters.

4 Madara Refused Peace At Every Turn (Naruto)


In light of the fact that Madara attempted to cast the infinity Tsukuyomi and was successful, he waged war on the entire Naruto world. After his rebirth in the form of a shinobi, the shinobi destroyed an entire army of troops almost destroying the remaining troops with a massive meteor.


Furthermore, Madara refused peace with Hashirama at every turn and attempted to use Kurama in order to demolish the Leaf. He stated that his actions were for the benefit of his people, but given that the Uchihas were content with the Leaf at the day, Madara solely acted of his own volition.

3 Kaido Destroyed Everything He Touched (One Piece)

One Piece‘s Kaido was obsessed with more than just violence. He was a fan of the idea of losing his life so much that it turned out to become his primary reason to live. It was the Devil Fruit commerce and Beast Pirates became the means to a conclusion to ensure to wage an iconic battle over the oceans.

Kaido was quite brutal towards his own group. He offered them fruit with a high likelihood of failure and used them as cannon fodder in order to further his violent agenda. He was also killed as one of his subordinates helped him defeat Oden in “the incorrect way.”

2 Kars Butchered His Entire Race (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

While many anime villains have similar motives to Kars but the execution of his objectives makes him an unforgettable protagonist from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Kars wiped out his entire race prior to embarking on a quest to seek his way to his Red Stone and remodeling himself into a perfect creature.

Sly and dishonorable, Kars would have killed Lisa Lisa if not for Joseph’s intervention. While Joseph was able to stop Kars, he suffered because of blind luck, and still lost his hands in the process. If Kars had not been stopped by Joseph, he might have been a bit worn out of humanity.

1 Eren Wiped Out 80% Of Humanity (Attack On Titan)

Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager is responsible for one of the most horrific atrocities that have been committed in the history of anime. Utilizing the Titan of the Founding to summon the Rumbling Yeager killed around 80% of the world’s population within a couple of days.

Eren is one of the most heinous crime gangs in anime, especially since his body count is in the billions. Eren defends his actions by his belief that the entire world would have done similar to Paradis. A few years later or later the Rumbling’s vengeful survivors proved Eren right in destroying his home island.