The Anacrusis players have already slain a billion aliens in the co-op shooter

The Anacrusis is a new cooperative shooter developed by former Riot and Valve developers. It has already seen more than 200,000 players sign up since its launch earlier this month.

Players have also taken down an astonishing one billion aliens in the same timeframe – all this while the game is still only available through the Xbox Game Preview Program and Steam Early Access.

Chet Faliszek (Portal and Left 4 Dead writer), founded Stray Bombay, along with Kimberley Voll (who had worked as a designer at Riot). The studio is apparently delighted by the positive reception the game has received so far.

Faliszek, the studio’s co-founder, posted a cheerful statement to Steam. He said that “Seeing the community leap feet first into Anacrusis during this first week was fantastic.”

“We have seen a significant increase in Game Pass players and many positive comments from PC fans. We have a lot to do and we appreciate all the feedback.


“We are continuing to create more content for the game and refine what we have, as well as working on new features such mod support and Challenge Track,” Faliszek said (thanks (opens in new tab)).

Anacrusis, a cooperative, four-player shooter, is now available. You and three others will need to work together and use a variety of weapons, grenades and perks to power up your way through terrifying aliens. If you have played Left 4 Dead or Back 4 Blood, it will feel familiar. The game offers simple linear gameplay with some clever twists.

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