The announcement of an add-on to the new alliances on the post-apokalyptic strategy Surviving the Aftermath took place

Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios announce a new alliance for their strategy game Surviving the Aftermath.

Surviving The Aftermath requires players to manage and build a colony for human survivors trapped in the aftermath of an event that has decimated the world. Apocalypse is a powerful tool for survival. You need to have the right skills to create complex systems that optimize production, colony management, and eliminate all destruction. In an attempt to rebuild civilization, players can manage colonies, build buildings, and adapt to natural disasters.

Overviving The Aftermath is more than a colony-building tool. It allows players to explore dangerous biomes, threats, and bandits beyond the confines. You can recruit and send professional teams to inform the rest of the world. An extensive world map allows players to see what their teams have discovered. This adds a level of strategic gameplay that is not usually found in colony builders.

Future updates to Surviving The Aftermath will include diplomatic and combat capabilities between colonies as well as an expanded tech tree and endgame content.

Enjoying the Aftermath: The new alliances add an extra layer of strength to world land and a weaker faction becomes your slow opponent. You can help your neighbor deal with new threats and receive unique rewards for uniting the warteland. Your specialists might be able to perform clandestine missions in the other societies.

Features: Add-on:

To gain the reputation they need to win, you must help the societies meet their demands. Your colony can be built with embassies, which unlocks unique permanent bonuses and building blocks. By creating a Federation, you can help your alliances population to grow and make Wasteland a more viable option. If you are interested in your region of the world, a powerful and opposing faction will be. If you ignore the topic, this grip on society can become sporadic. So fight back when it is time to resuscitate or use experts to end the rivals. Your specialists may now be able to go on covert missions within the society to steal money or increase population. Be careful to not use the same tactics against you. New buildings should be built to protect you from such attacks as anti-propaganda towers and surveillance vans. The world map also includes community colonies and animals. Do not get away from the threat of being attacked. To prove your point, you should raid convoys. An enemy house can overtake your outposts. It is best to prepare for the removal of empty shells so they can resume production.

The add-on will be available on June 16th.

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