The Asian Electronic Sports Federation has an agreement with the GRAC

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Games Ratings and Administration Committee of South Korea and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation. Both sides will collaborate to strengthen their preparations for game title selection pool programs. The Olympic Council of Asia recognizes only the AESF as an authority.

It will be an official medal sport at the Asian Games 2021 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Thailand and 2022 Asian Games Hangzhou. GRAC is South Korea’s official rating commission. The MoU makes GRAC a member of a Task Force made up of professionals and industry experts. This will ensure fairness and accessibility to all AESF-sanctioned tournaments and transparency in their selection.

Lee Jae Hong (GraC Chairperson) commented that we are excited to participate in this initiative, which plays an important role in ensuring integrity at future esports competitions. I look forward for a productive collaboration that will allow esports to be recognized on the same level as traditional sports on the largest sporting stage. When the AESF wants to promote esports in traditional sporting world, title selection is crucial.

GRAC partners with GRAC to ensure the selection of the right games and the relevance of the titles to future sporting events which will include competitive gaming. The 2021 calendar.

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