The authors of Conan Exiles introduced an update hugely of Age of Sorcery with magic

Everything is right. Thanks insider.

Funcom has known for some time that it is working on a major update for Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery. Officially, the developers announced that the update would be available and claimed that this is the largest free update since the game’s release.

As you might expect, the witchcraft upgrade allows the player to master dark defiling magic. To get this right, they have to give up a portion of their life force. Dark magic, according to developers, will allow players summon storms, send damage and raise disonic allies. Conan Exiles does not have magic systems in the traditional sense. However, fireballs and lightning are magic systems. At least for now.


This update completely changes the structure. This game mechanic will now have a new interface. This greatly simplifies the process. This update has also changed the game’s interface, which opens up new possibilities for players.

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Conan Exiles is a site that has been around for more than four years. This update, unlike our daily updates are not the start of a long journey to support their creation. This is not surprising.

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