The authors of Escape from Tarkov announced the choice for an arena based on an independent gaming model

August 31, 2022

Escape from Tarkov developers prefer to work quietly and without too much fuss. Battlestate will report on it regularly, as a matter fact. Today, Tarkov was freed by an independent arena mode.


These are made for chamber fights. EFT Arena will feature a variety of Tarkov arenas with limited sizes. They are organized by the Masters of the Arena and lead by the host. The developers have stated that EFT Arena will offer several PvP and EvE modes, rating system, and other features so that your main character Escape From Tarkov can be used in the arena.

EFT Arena will be available as a separate project for all EoD owners. It is free DLC. The Arena will be available to all other Escape from Tarkov owners, regardless of whether they have the basic or the higher versions. The Arena can be purchased in standaone status, meaning that you can escape Tarkov without purchasing it.

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Although the release will be released at a faster pace, it is planned to stop closed testing in this fall.

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