The Batman prowls the streets of Gotham in these exclusive new images

A new Batman movie will always be significant on the movie calendar, particularly if it is a standalone reboot of the 83-year old comic-book character. The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves promises a new take on Bruce Wayne’s vigilante alter-ego. It has been 10 years since the last movie featuring the character in live action.

The film takes a year-two approach to the Caped Crusader and avoids the origin story formula. Instead, it focuses on a young Batman who is still finding his feet in the early days of crime-fighting here in Gotham City. Robert Pattinson is the title hero, but this Gotham also features familiar faces like Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz), Oswald Cobblepot(Colin Farrell), and the Riddler (“Paul Dano”) as well as Carmine Falcone and John Turturro. Bruce/Batman’s friends include James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), and Alfred Pennyworth(Andy Serkis). Peter Sarsgaard’s new character, DA Gil Colson, was also created for the film.

The Batman appears on the cover of Total Film magazine (opens in new tab). is out this week. Here are three images from the film. Below, Pattinson’s Batman is on an adventure to seek revenge. These are their stories:

The latest issue of Total Film features a long-time Batfan, Reeves. Reeves told Total Film (opens in new tab). “I have loved Batman since I was a child. I was first introduced to him through the Adam West TV series.” Reeves was born in the year the show premiered. I was a big fan of the movies every time they came out. It was a chance that I never imagined would present itself to me.

March 4th, The Batman will be in cinemas You can read more about Pattinson and Reeves in the new issue of Total Film (opens in new tab). will be available on Thursday, February 3.


Take a look at the new covers as revealed by Matt Reeves

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