The Beast In Creators Work on Dieselpunk Action Wardogz

The Polish studio Illusion Ray has announced a new game. Wardogz is a fantasy game set in an alternate universe. This isn’t the only work by the Polish game’s entrant. Due to Illusion Ray, There’s a game called The Beast Inside.

The game takes its place within the realm of Hellstein which was once thriving but is now suffused with violence and destruction. This is due to an unsavory and powerful Hegemony, that are the darkest, diesel-powered technology such as mechs, mutants, and other ancient evils. The player takes on the role with a similar name as the Wardogz group His primary objective is to live and discover the secrets of the world while learning about his own history.

The designers guarantee that their creation will be an expansive, open globe, with a variety of regions, from mountains to plains, all contaminated through diesel-fueled fuel.

Wardogz will launch on PC and consoles in 2023.

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