The best Gen 1 Pokémon – cl-ash of the titans

September 23, 2022

The first collection of Pokemon from Kanto remains some of the finest Pokemon designs we’ve ever seen however, which are the best Gen 1 Pokemon out of them all?

I don’t know what you think but I’ll always cherish wonderful memories of Kanto and playing with that huge gray Gameboy inside my parents’ car during the summer holiday. I had to adjust the light so I could see what was doing and the Pokemon consisted of around ten pixels. They appeared to be like someone dropping a stack of Lego bricks onto the floor. But that didn’t deter my imagination and caused me to be in love with every creature I spotted.

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25 years later, Kanto remains in existence with a few tweaks, but remakes and the revival of the Pokemon franchise in Pokemon Go certainly play a role. We’re here to help you distinguish those Meowths from the Bellsprouts by providing this guide on the most popular generation 1 . Pokemon. I am a huge fan of every creature of Pokemon Red and Blue, however, when you’re forced to shove certain creatures are superior to others. It’s true, but come on this is a seal Seel… Did they even bother?

Before we get into what’s likely to be a controversial list, let us not forget that we didn’t have the Pokemon that are starter Pokemon and legendary Pokemon since they’d take all of the choices (love you, Blastoise!). However, if you’d like to look at those and more, you can increase your blood pressure by following our guides to the top Pokemon for dogs, cat Pokemon as well as monkey Pokemon and starting Pokemon as well as the most mythical Pokemon. There are many good Pokemon as per the god Arceus However, certain Pokemon are built differently.

Let’s go through the dense forest of opinions and open the Pokedex of debate and discover the legendary Pokemon that is known as our top generation 1. Pokemon guide.

Best gen 1 Pokemon


Why do you have to be a single thing when you could be anything? Ditto is a prominent player in the series due its unique capability to transform into any other Pokemon and imitate their appearance as well as their moves. Ditto has become the preferred men when it comes to breeding particularly if they have Ditto with good IVs. Ditto with an excellent IV, and in my opinion, Ditto has more egg eggs to its credit than the Easter bunny.

The pink-colored blob of gelatinous material is also adorable in every way and, as the years have passed, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with Pokemon plushies that include the most popular Pokemon with Ditto’s iconic adorable smile and button eyes. It’s a wonderful little addition, and I’ll never forget the moment when Team Rocket shows it an illustration of the Dratini in order to cause it to change into a blob, and Ditto transforms into the book that the illustration was taken from. God bless Ditto. Ditto. You tried your best.


Although there are many Pokemon of the original generation seen in various forms or evolved in the past The one Pokemon I’ve always believed should be given more respect is Ash’s faithful companion through his Orange Islands, the one and only Lapras. It’s an iconic symbol of travel across the waters in the games and is based on the Loch Ness monster. It’s also a magnificent beast of its own in and of itself, outside of the Gigantamax version that is featured in Pokemon Sword and Shield, I’d like to see it re-introduced with a fresh variation or even a change in the future.

Lapras is also one the rare Pokemon who don’t communicate by calling their names and instead emit the joyous sound of whale noises. The Pokemon did appear on the New Pokemon Snap as a tribute for its original appearance game, and it’s absolutely stunning in the stunning artwork style of the new photography game. Lapras has been with sea-based trainers from the very beginning, and I’d like to see it could have more love. Find out how to find the most effective aquatic Pokemon within Pokemon Explore more information.



We’re all aware Pikachu is the main character of the Pokemon franchise However, Eevee could be in the vicinity and waiting to be seen behind Charizard waiting to be the next to shine. The cute dog Pokemon has a gorgeous appearance, and although we’ve gotten away from the work of Ken Sugimori Eevee is always getting more adorable with each new version. There’s even a star title, Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee however we’d like to see an improved game that lives up to its name in the near future.

In addition, Eevee has also changed the way we see evolutive characters in Pokemon games with the ability to transform into many different creatures in response to various circumstances. Vapereon Flareon, Vapereon as well as Jolteon are the initial evolutions, but we’ve also seen Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and the incredible Sylveon that have been added in the past. Every generation I wish for more Eevee changes and I’m sure that we’ll get a few more in the future.


I’m not sure where to begin here. Personally, I believe Gengar is the best design of all the original Gengar is the best of the original Pokemon. It is full of charm and wit, yet it is so flexible as we see Gengar disappear into the darkness and resurface on the battlefield. Gengar has received a lot of affection over the years, too, and has appeared on more merchandise than Hatsune Miku and also received the honor of having the mega evolution and the super-Dynamax version.

Gengar is also able to remain ahead in the battle arena because of its unique attack as well as its speed. The person who is responsible for the Pokemon stats is clearly a fan of Gengar since it constantly is the center of attention throughout every game. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it has one of those disappointing shiny forms that are slightly different from the base color, however, Mega and Dynamax forms ditch the dull color scheme to create a creepy all-white look. Keep it up Gengar. You rule. Check out our guide on the top Ghost Pokemon on Pokemon Explore more information.



What a great boy. Growlithe is already an amazing Pokemon, just like any other dog Pokemon is guaranteed to be great (every single one of them, fight me) and Growlithe is stunning with its beautiful flame-colored stripes and soft fur. But Arcanine. My boy Arcanine. It’s the perfect progression, taking the best aspects of Arcanine’s original style and making it amazing.

Ash taking on an Arcanine and flying into the air in the original Pokemon anime’s opening sequence is permanently etched into my retinas. Arcanine has a legendary aura with a stunning and elegant appearance all in one step. While we like the original design but we must mention the incredible Hisuian version that appears in Growlithe as well as Arcanine of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. They bring a hint of Chinese mythical design to the’mons and also they are joint fire/rock. Whatever type of Arcanine you own the rules are the same for all. Learn more about our guide to the top flame Pokemon within Pokemon Find out more information.


It’s not exactly a standout and comes from the Pokemon that had the distant gaze called Slowpoke however, Slowbro is a fantastic improvement that builds upon the qualities that make the original great, and also has intriguing implications regarding the actual evolution process. Even though we are aware that the Shellder is required to clamp on the Tail of a Slowpoke in order to make the form of a Slowbro however, we don’t know why the Shellder becomes another form.

Maybe the Pokemon that is attached to Slowpoke’s tail could be the same as Cloyster or perhaps it’s all one monster that has the parasitic Shellder in a state of no survival without Slowbro. Whatever the case, we love the laidback but genuine character of Slowbro, and, surprisingly, it’s not a slouch either with an impressive movepool that mixes psychic attacks with water, as well as an impressive defense stat. To further confuse the situation the appearance of Shellder is altered further when Slowpoke transforms into Slowking, Galarian Slowbro, or Galarian Slowking. We’re not sure exactly what’s happening however we are in love with it. Find out how to find the most prescient Pokemon within Pokemon Go to learn more information.


Although a large portion of the Pokemon of the initial generation might be thought to be a little…silly Sugimori and the team took matters seriously when they designed the bug Pokemon that had weapons of arms referred to as Scyther It always gives an extremely impressive look and the fact that it’s not easy to find within Pokemon Red and Blue’s Safari Zone is only adding to the mystery that surrounds the creature.

In this collection of the top generation 1 Pokemon and there’s absolutely no way I’m not mentioning Scizor. I’ve written a lot about fantastic evolutions, ones that take the best aspects that were in the initial and then build on it. Size is certainly one of the most impressive illustrations of how one brand new generation revisits a classic Pokemon. This fiery red monster simply looks amazing and how did it evolve the already awesome Scyther Red and Blue to something in some way cooler? It’s a great childhood memory. Check out our guide to the top grass Pokemon in Pokemon Find out more information.


Don’t underestimate Magikarp. If you’re an offer to buy as a Pokemon in Pokemon Red and Blue in what appears to be an old-fashioned fraud to catch fish (sorry) however, the small red fish could be a bit more subtle as it swam through the levels before eventually becoming an intimidating and terrifying creature that is a mighty eagle above all Pokemon. The game also offers one of the most memorable moments from the original Pokemon Snap, after any player who carefully tossed that tiny Magikarp halfway across the valley to the water was rewarded with the dazzling Gyarados coming out of the water and roaring with style.

Incredibly, Magikarp along with Gyarados are both based on the Chinese myth about an oi carp determined to swim through the waterfall. After a lot of effort, the koi made it to the highest point of the waterfall and the gods were awed by its perseverance and transformed into a gold dragon which symbolizes power and power. Gyarados also offered many trainers their first shiny Pokemon following the red Gyarados made an appearance at the Lake of Rage in Pokemon Gold and Silver and is an attractive and beautiful cherish to the present day.



The world of Pokemon Red, as well as Blue Dragon Pokemon, is an uncommon thing. Prior to the time that Salamence, Hydroeigon, and Garchomp became the dominant Meta, Dragonite and its evolutionary line were the only recipients of the highly sought-after dragon-type which made them an unstoppable force to contend against on the field of play. It’s a good thing that Dragonite is also stunning, thanks to its cute round design and its antenna. The jovial appearance of Dragonite in the very first Pokemon film with the Pokemon postman delighted a lot of youngsters, and it’s been a favorite for years afterward.

Incredibly, this is the only Pokemon that hasn’t been explored for a different version. Since it’s a fan favorite, it feels as if it’s a strange exclusion from any potential regional variations or expanded forms which, specifically, seems odd. In the first Pokemon anime, a particular episode set around an old lighthouse revealed a huge-sized Dragonite which was the subject of legends. It was a bit canonized with the Dynamax form later however it was a bit odd to not get a giant max from connecting both, similar to how Gyarados was a mega evolution that was a reference to the strange appearance it made on the show. Check out our guide to the most popular dragon Pokemon in Pokemon Explore more information.


Let me take this one. Although the majority of the Pokemon in this list are clearly fans’ favorites that have appeared in many media outlets over time, this one is for me. Bellsprout is among the cutest Pokemon from the very first generation. Its insufficiency and absurd voice always made me desire to save the plant and make it my own. It’s hard to say that I enjoy its evolutions the same level, even if James Victreebel is great to laugh at but nothing compares to the minimalist and tiny style of the original creature.


“Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikachu!” The crowds cheer with excitement, displaying Pikachu banners, signs, or dolls, wearing T-shirts that feature its face, and amidst them making trades with one of the millions of different cards that feature the electronic yellow mouse. In the background, is Raichu who is watching in terror, shocked by the attention its INFERIOR rodent is receiving, even though Raichu is not just stronger, more efficient, better-designed, and more attractive, but is also a close relative. Imagine you had a wimp of a brother, a real rodent that was a sour small nuisance. And yet, while you were doing much better and had gone to college but your parents gave your brother a rousing ovation to their friends.

If Raichu has a million people following it I’m one of the million. If it’s got a hundred fans, I’m on the hundred. If it has just one fan, it will be me (and the editor of my blog, Ruby who has tattoos of Raichu tattoo). I’m unable to comprehend why Raichu isn’t adored by everyone in a way similar to its poor predecessor with those cute ears, that beaming smile, and that gorgeous orange color. If none of that is enough for you, what do you imagine a more adorable Raichu with psychic abilities that can surf along its tail? If Alolan Raichu doesn’t change the opinion of people I’m not sure what else the Pokemon Company can do. I’m not even a fan of Pikachu (much) However, I’m sure you’re aware that Raichu is the king of the hill. Find our guide on the top electronic Pokemon on the market in Pokemon Explore more information.

Kayleigh must point out that not everyone on PT believes Pikachu to be a bother. There is no consensus on this, even though we all are fans of Raichu.


There is a handful of Pokemon from the first generation that have a basis in real-world characters (probably prior to the time that games got large enough to warrant legal issues) The amazing Alakazam is among the most famous. The snarling creature with a ton of psychic powers is based on the notorious conman Uri Gellar who was a con artist for many years, pretending to possess psychic powers in order to gain credibility. The truth is, Alakazam is real psychic Uri (I believe that he’s not real, but let me know) and he’s amazing.

Then again, not only is Alakazam an absolutely powerful character in the games of the beginning, and one of the few competitors to the mighty Gengar The two Pokemon are seen together in my favorite episode of the first Pokemon anime, in which massive prehistoric versions of both creatures appeared and were involved in the opportunity to fight a kaiju. With its bizarre special attack, and its amazing mega transformation, Alakazam has also kept its place in the Pokemon metal and is regarded as becoming the Pokemon with an evocative name that’s entertaining to use. Check out our guide to the most Pokemon that can read minds on Pokemon Go to learn more information.

Okay, folks, that’s all to the point of putting down your pitchforks. We are awestruck by every Pokemon from the first generation (except for the infamous Seel) however this is a brief selection of our own personal favorites and a few that have earned the greatest history since their initial release. If you’re looking to view more of our top Pokemon, be sure to look through our guide to Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s most popular Pokemon following.


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