The Best Open-World Soulslike Games

The Best Open-World Soulslike Games

FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games have changed the game industry forever. Since Demon Souls was released in 2009, many games by the developer have had a distinctive style that has been a major influence on subsequent releases. FromSoftware has created many games before Soulsborne, but this collection of fan-favorite titles has made it the most popular.

There are many titles that draw inspiration from FromSoftware’s library. These titles could fall under the broad term of a Soulslike. While some elements are more popular than others, many Soulslikes have their own unique blend of elements. There are many wonderful games that can be classified as Soulslikes. However, there are also some less great ones. A few games, however, have Soulslike elements that are perfected in open worlds.

Code Vein

Bandai Namco Studios’ action-RPG Code Vein introduces the world to its post-apocalyptic dystopian setting and encourages them to embrace its Soulslike gameplay. The vampiric warriors, which are basically corpses brought back into life, could have been lifted straight from a Souls game. The grotesque enemies that threaten the few survivors make the game both entertaining and challenging.

Code Vein received mixed reviews. However, its anime-inspired design and interesting ideas about progression and gameplay have earned it enough attention. Its aesthetics make it stand out from other Souslikes, and offer a unique experience for anyone looking for something like a FromSoftware title.


Mortal Shell

Power through Mortal Shell takes around ten hours. However, the game still offers plenty to keep players entertained. Third-person action RPGs offer players the unique opportunity to play as one of several ‘Shell’ characters, each with their own abilities and playstyle. Although it’s not a huge game, the labyrinthine environments offer interesting and hidden secrets that players can discover as they explore.

Mortal Shell may be one of the Soulslikes often overlooked due to its niche characteristics, but it still has its own charms and appeal along with its clear FromSoftware inspirations. If you haven’t tried it yet, its dark fantasy world and flexible playstyles will appeal to many fans of similar Soulslikes.


The Surge 2

It’s not often that Soulslikes tackle sci-fi. This helps The Surge 2 stand out from its predecessor. While the Surge 2 may not be as well-received than other open-world Soulslikes games, it deserves to be praised for its unique combat system and stunning designs. It is a fun feature to dismember the player to get better equipment and personalize their armor.

The Surge 2‘s setting for Jericho City is appropriately futuristic and bleak. Players can explore the different areas of Jericho City at their own pace as they interact and collect quests. Similar to other FromSoftware titles, players are able to leave graffiti messages all over Jericho City. This is something that other gamers will be able see in their worlds. The Surge 2 used a parry system to enhance its combat and add layers of challenge.

Hollow Knight

While Hollow Knight may not be a true Soulslike title, the combat, gameplay and boss fights feel right at home in a Soulsborne title. Hollow Knight‘s charmingly cartoonish design and adorable protagonist should not fool you. This game can be very frustrating and push players to their limits. Its aesthetics make Hollow Knight stand out from many other Metroidvania-inspired games, making it an instant classic.

The game’s vastness was a major advantage. Players loved the opportunity to wander the winding burrows, claustrophobic but beautiful surroundings of Hallownest. The sequel Hollow Knight – Silksong is currently in development. However, it will be centered on a different protagonist and location. Players are eager to explore more of the insect-infested environment and to see if it adopts similar Soulslike elements.



Ashen‘s vast open world is alive thanks to its original concept and unique graphics. Annapurna Interactive and A44 have created an action RPG that guides players through a deserted world to find a home. Players can work together or against each other as they navigate the terrain and battle off their enemies.

The cel-shaded style felt distinct and made the most out of the many mythical monsters could encounter in Ashen. It was a refreshing take on the Souls formula and is still a great achievement indie games.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Many Star Wars games have been released in the past. Some of these are highly acclaimed and well-received. There are many titles that cover different genres and skill levels. Respawn Entertainment’s action adventure title Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is up there with the greatest Star Wars games. It is also one of the most exciting Soulslikes ever released. This story centers on a Jedi fugitive with great lightsabers and Force-based combat.

You can only save at specific checkpoints and Cal is respawned every time he meditates at one. The complex encounters that required players learn enemy attack patterns are all FromSoftware titles. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order combined these sometimes punishing elements of a Soulslike’s gameplay with a sci fi aesthetic and its many planets, interactive environments, proved to be a winning combination.

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