The biggest announcements for summer games 2022 part one

This year, big names have emerged from summer games. We will share some of our favorite summer games.


My first and largest project is the callisto protocol. This is Dead Space’s spiritual successor. You will notice the many movements and actions that are displayed in the trailer. Dead Space is my favorite game, so this isn’t a problem. Just in time for the holidays, it will be released on December 2.



Everything was possible once in the past. Stormgate is the project they are most excited about. I was intrigued by a CG trailer that showed what it could look like. A Diablo-esque creature attempts to kill a doctor who works for a group. A giant mech suit in a mech suit appears to be flying alongside him to defeat the creature. It’s crazy.




This is something that has been on my radar over the past year. It was first heard before, and then it disappeared again. Now it is back to us. It’s great news that Spiderman, Wolverine and Ghost Rider will all be fighting for the games presence. It’s available for free starting October 7.

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